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Baby, I Like It Raw (VIDEO)

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Baby, I Like It Raw (VIDEO)

Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures an organic dairy farm, sat down with Qiana and John Calvin Byrd to talk raw milk. In this podcast, Mark demystifies the history of raw milk and discusses the health benefits the FDA denies. He also explains the difference between pastured and grain fed cows and discusses the dangers of Soy Milk.

Listen in on this extremely informative discussion that just may change the way you look at the FDA & food production in the US.

This interview is 50 minutes of vital information. Please make sure you schedule a time to listen or watch it in its entirety.

Books and videos mentioned in this podcast:

Jaime’s Food Revolution

Food Ink

The Untold Story of Milk


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  • Jacinta

    I love Marka Macafee!

  • JessicaA

    YES! Me too!

  • Belinda

    This was great to listen to. This is my stance on milk. I miss living in an area that I can get Raw Milk. I HATE bing fat because I am unable to eat acourding to Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

    I performed a test on myself, as I am “lactos intolerent”, to see if Raw Milk would trigger my intolerence. It did not. I can drink raw milk but I can not drink the milk “beverage” sold in the major supermarket food chains.

    Mark McAfee is saying the same thing I have been saying about bacteria and people using too much antibactireal products.

    This is great!

    This is one more reason I want to go back home to San Diego… The only other option I have is to buy a mini farm and rasie a cow or two with a flock of chickens and grow my own food…

  • kp

    he’s got some good points, but some of what he says is out-and-out false. all dairies test the milk in their bulk tank regularly for pathogens.

  • JohnCByrdIII

    @ kp: Please cite sources…

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  • Kevin Spyker

    He says it all in one amazing interview.. an american hero!!

  • george franks

    kp can’t cite any sources because what kp said isn’t true. kp is making it up as he goes along for maintain the status quo. No figures have ever been generated – you’ll find little to no diffinitive data. If you want to begin to get an idea of what really goes on take a look at how bad the USDA is at meat inspection. For that I have a link and you can easily Google the citations shown.

    and here:

  • Dave G

    I liked the interview, but I’ve noticed Mark speaks about some things as though he has definitive proof when in reality a lot of it is speculative or inconclusive. Also I’m not sure I buy the theory that pathogens don’t grow in raw milk. It may be the case, but the study he cited seems to show that there was a drop off in pathogens from day 1 to day 4 followed by an increase through day 7. I drink unpasteurized milk myself but I’m very skeptical about any claims people make unless they are supported by conclusive scientific evidience.

  • Kaylin

    Excellent video. I just watched it yesterday on TONS of information! Don’t be put off by the length, People. It’s definitely worth your time!

  • Ruth

    I can’t get raw cow’s milk where I’m located, but I can get good European cheeses made from raw milk. They cost an arm and a leg. Do they have any of the healing qualities of raw milk? What about soft goat’s milk cheese made from raw milk?

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  • Raine

    Love this interview, love Mark, and love Organic Pastures. My whole family drinks raw milk and eats raw dairy foods. We make yogurt and buttermilk, and kefir from our milk. It’s delicious and healthy. I linked to this interview on my recent article series, The Truth About Raw Milk, Parts I and II. Please pass this information along to everyone you know! The raw milk revolution is here!

  • Kathy Pirtle

    This is a great interview Mark. Raw milk saved my life. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can consume.

  • Mark McAfee

    I would be more than happy to provide the Lancet articles and BSK lab tests that demonstrate what I said about pathogens dying off in raw milk and the safety systems found naturallyb in breast raw milk and cow raw milk that are destroyed when heated.

    Also…dairymen never test their milk in their bulk tanks. The people that test their milk is the tanker truck driver that takes samples for the creamery. And the tests do not include pathogen tests but do include samples for standard plate counts and butter fat.

    This person is sadly very confused and miss informed. A pathogen test is a very specific test that is only performed on raw milk when it is intended to be consumed by humans. Pathogen tests are never taken by state agecies or the dairymen when the milk is taken to be pasteurized.

    You can verify this by calling the State of CA Dairy and Food Safety branch and ask them is milk that is taken to be pasteurized is ever tested for pathogens…

    The number of times it is tested is exactly zero…as per regulation.

    All the best,

    Mark McAfee

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  • Tiffany Abend

    This was very good! However, there is a dairy in Ohio that pasteurizes their milk at 145 degrees for 30 minutes called Hartzler Family Dairy. They low temperature vat pasteurize their milk. They do not homogenize their milk or standardize it. Hartzler’s also comes in glass bottles. They are located in Ohio and can’t grass feed all year round but in the winter they feed dried hay and silage grown without pesticides or herbicides. Check out their website for more–their testimonials show many lactose intolerant people able to drink their milk!

  • Emily

    I am so frustrated because I just found out last week about all this raw milk stuff and i really need it but i live in VA…:-( it’s illegal here so i want to pull my hair out. i’ve been eating whole, wild food for 6 months now and feel better than ever but I don’t have access to raw milk. I feel depressed now because I want to find my raw milk “Connect” before I have kids n stuff. I WILL WILL WILL find my raw milk connect but it is SO EXPENSIVE! Personally- I THINK IT IS WORTH it- i really do. I would pay $10 per gallon– maybe even more- i really think it is that great but apparently i have to buy part of a COW and it’s only 2 of us here. I’m not going to give up. I really appreciate Mr. Mcafee doing this interview because it changed my life i am going to get my hands on this stuff but i wish i didnt have to feel like a criminal to do so but hey- so be it. I don’t even drink ALCOHOL why can’t I have pure, raw milk for God’s sake. I loved how Mr. Mcaffee was so open and honest. He appears to be highly intelligent and extremely passionate about the topic and that’s how I am about the safety of MY food too. I reposted this video on my facebook too. God bless Mr. Mcaffee for doing what he does. I wish I lived there so that I could enjoy the benefits of that milk. My goal this week is to find raw milk that is safe safe safe that’s my main thing since it’s not regulated here like in California I have to be super careful I suppose huh? Well, I’m sad now so there ya go- Im sad that people can suck down cigarettes and soda and alcohol but I can’t enjoy milk that hasn’t been poisoned. Damn.

  • كازينو

    Nevermind, works now!

  • Amin

    Very informative, I’ve avoided milk and it’s by products for years. Theres a lot of info out there, that says avoid milk all together; just as John mentioned, baby cows stop drinking it after maturity. I’m curious as to how it would effect me to try the raw, maybe I will.

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  • TonyG

    Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.

  • Farmman

    So much information. Worth the listen! Never drinking regular milk again.

  • Kim

    Ich kann das was Du da postest nicht so akzeptieren, da ich zu diesem Bereich etwas andere Erfahrungen habe als Du. Wo holst Du diese Infos im Internet her? Moechtest Du mir darueber naeheres posten? Meist bin ich sehr begeistert von Deinen Blogs die Du immer hier schreibst.

  • Karen Walker

    Wow. I’m never drinking Alta Dena again!

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  • bayosgirl

    Where can I buy that sweet t-shirt?!!!

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  • Vicente Umanzor

    Hey Emily I live in Falls Church, VA (northern Va area) and I’m fortunate to have access to pure, fresh, unprocessed raw milk. I’ve been drinking it for the past 3 years. I would be more than happy to give you the info that will lead you to my supplier and the cool thing is that its not a cow-share program. If interested email me @

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  • Trabend

    How can I delete this comment?

  • Sara Warford

    i does not like the song i was looking for i was looking for ‘baby i like it’

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